Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Love Thy Brother

I took pictures of a brother and sister a couple of days ago, and my heart MELTED at the look of adoration this little sister has for her big brother! Man, he is the sun her world orbits! He is pretty worthy to. 
When I had my second daughter, I imagined them growing close over the years and developing a great relationship like my sister and I have. I hate talking on the phone. Every time it rings, I cringe. I'm a texter, or a face to face person. I don't know why. But when my phone rings "Hey Soul Sister" (thats her ring tone). I grab my phone and run to couch and sit down for a nice long chat. I'm always happy to hear her voice. She understands me better than anyone. Better than myself. We agree on most things, and isnt it nice to hear someone say - "Oh TOTALLY!" I think that's  the spine of most of our conversations. Its our response to everything: wonder at other people's follies, craziness with our kids as well as each others achievements.
She remembers me belittling her when we were young, and I remember her raking her little tiny sharp fingernails down my arms when she was angry (man, can she get angry) but through it all, we're sisters.
I give you the Drakes...

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