Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Love Thy Brother

I took pictures of a brother and sister a couple of days ago, and my heart MELTED at the look of adoration this little sister has for her big brother! Man, he is the sun her world orbits! He is pretty worthy to. 
When I had my second daughter, I imagined them growing close over the years and developing a great relationship like my sister and I have. I hate talking on the phone. Every time it rings, I cringe. I'm a texter, or a face to face person. I don't know why. But when my phone rings "Hey Soul Sister" (thats her ring tone). I grab my phone and run to couch and sit down for a nice long chat. I'm always happy to hear her voice. She understands me better than anyone. Better than myself. We agree on most things, and isnt it nice to hear someone say - "Oh TOTALLY!" I think that's  the spine of most of our conversations. Its our response to everything: wonder at other people's follies, craziness with our kids as well as each others achievements.
She remembers me belittling her when we were young, and I remember her raking her little tiny sharp fingernails down my arms when she was angry (man, can she get angry) but through it all, we're sisters.
I give you the Drakes...

Monday, February 20, 2012

Super Big Black Background!

You know when you get the knock on the door and you think, "ohmygawd, someone stopped by unexpectedly and I don't have my bra on. Where did I put my bra. Could I possibly answer the door in this t-shirt. No, how could I still be in my pajamas? Oh, wait - I hear footsteps walking away... UPS! YES!" And then you open the door, and there it is, the pot of gold, a big ole box with the word, AMAZON written all invitingly up the side. And the kids yell, "Is it for me? Is it from Grammy?" and you yell back with glee, "NO! Its for ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!". I love that.
Then I grab a pair of scissors, slice the box open and throw the scissors on the floor yelling, "Don't touch those, they're dangerous..." while dumping packing peanuts willy nilly all over the living room.
Its my backdrops! And my backdrop stand! Woohoo! Lets go take some pictures! Oh, Chloe has boogers all over her face, and Phoebe is refusing to wear clothing. Thank goodness for facebook!

Tina was kind enough to drop by the very next morning to help me take photos in front of my SUPER BIG black backdrop! (Say it fast 5 times) And I am loving it! It won't fit in my "mom cave" (Photo Studio) but it works great in the garage. I even got my hair lights up, and doesnt her hair look shiny and fantastic?!

I love Tina. I am inspired by Tina. I am in awe of Tina. Tina runs "Barefoot Momease" which is a GREEN spa here in SLO. She is just moving into a new space (Where Kids Kut Hut used to be) and will even be having a manicurist to make it a full spa experience! Okay, I was wondering how gross manicurist stations always smell (no offense Yvette) and then Tina reminded me, she's running a GREEN spa, so no nasty chemicals. Oh. I didn't even know you could paint nails without nasty chemicals! Duh.

She's awesome. and getting a massage from her is like taking a tropical vacation where everything smells like those tropical plants, shoot I can't remember what they're called, but you know, they're white and when you get off the plane in Hawaii you breathe in... well, its like being on vacation and then when you get really stressed out because your kids won't even TRY the pineapple juice and won't go to sleep in their own queen sized bed but have to crawl into bed with you, even though you're on vacation and were just really hoping to cuddle up with your hubby and you feel like screaming becuase they won't be quiet and you just want your mom to hold you and tell you its all going to be all right, that's what getting a massage from Tina is like.

Well, let me compact that: getting a massage from Tina is like smelling tropical flowers while your mom holds you and tells you everything is going to be all right. Okay, maybe its just like that for me. But I like it.

Here are the photos from the maiden voyage of the Super Big Black Background. You can click on the photos to see them better :)
Please stop feeding my son m&ms...
Tina's 3rd kiddo broke his arm a few days ago.

Tina and her mom

Check Tina out here:

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Super Big White Background!

You know what I miss here in SLO? Picture People. They have them all over the place, in malls - you know the ones with the big white plain background? Timeless. I bought a big big white background. It needs a big big iron. But I'll get to that in the morning. A late afternoon Girl Scout cookie delivery led to an impromptu photo shoot on the wrinkly new background.

Valentine's Day is Over, sigh...

Wow! Boudoir was SUPER fun this last month! I am missing it already.

I had a great mix of ladies that I knew, ladies I had never met before - and ladies who traveled a loooong way to have me take photos of them in their skivvies.

I did a few weekends of one-on-one boudoir sessions and two evenings of having a big group for a "Boudoir Party". I find that people are definitely more comfortable in groups for this kind of thing! Being women, we need that crazy lady energy to give us strength and confidence and to giggle with and someone to open the bottle and pour for us and someone to drink with...
One night I had a great mix of boudoir vets with new boudoir clients, and that was so fun and interesting! The nervous giggles in the beginning of the evening that led to the throaty laughs of the ladies who were done, and relieved!

I had likened myself to a gynocologist/psychologist before - but all I meant by that was the physical instruction. "Slide your butt to the edge, right there, now relax your knees". But someone pointed out that I actually sounded more like a yoga instructor. I like that better, I'm sticking with it.

I will be offering mini-sessions again around Father's Day - because, who's your daddy? Yeah.
I shoot here at my house - in my "studio" (mom cave) and in our guest bedroom. I pretty much have a set choreography I put you through, but am totally open to doing whatever you may be looking for! Most people say, "I have no idea what to do, you tell me". Absolutely! That's my job. I'm getting better at it all the time. Other people send me You Tube Videos, websites, or whole packets in the mail describing and showing what they are looking for. I'm game! Its all an awesome learning experience for me! This is a no judgement zone!
I've shot people in their 20's and people in their 60's. All different body shapes, and they are ALL so beautiful!

So that's my spiel for now. I will let boudoir go whilst I concentrate on Spring Mini-shoots (to be announced soon) and Easter shoots - I have a neighbor with a bunny! I'm thinking the 2nd weekend in March for live bunny photos! More info to come all around.